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SEOK brings together patients, doctors and hospitals to provide quality and affordable medical care.

We believe the heart of healthcare is service to others

Our Services
World Class Treatment at an affordable cost in renowned medical institutions

Medical Consultation

Consult with our expert panel of doctors from your home

Medical Visa Assistance

Hassle free assistance for Fast-Track Visa Processing

Air ambulance services

Shrinking the valuable travel time during emergencies

Medical Accommodation

Medical accommodation services various occupancy and itineraries

Patient Support Services

Taking care of your end-to-end healthcare needs

Training & Development Services

Train medical cadre who would ensure delivery of optimum health care services.

Offered Packages
Global platform to help you discover the best healthcare centers in India
(All packages are in INR )
3Lacs - 8Lacs
Organ Transplant
7Lacs - 33Lacs
3Lacs - 8Lacs
30K - 5Lacs
Spine Surgery
4Lacs - 9Lacs
45K - 18Lacs
75K - 5Lacs
1Lac - 6Lacs
Cosmetic Surgery
2Lacs - 6Lacs
30K - 1Lac
Dummy 1
30K - 1Lac
Dummy 2
30K - 1Lac
Our Services
World Class Treatment at an affordable cost in renowned medical institutions

Shoot your queries

Ask your queries from our expert panel of doctors

Hospital Selection

World class hospitals to choose from various destination

Travel to India

Hassle free travel to home away from home

Post Treatment Support

You are not alone. Not now, Not ever.

Treatment Support

Standing strong with you throughout the process

On-Arrival Assistance

Your comfort is our priority

Patient Stories
Those who trusted SEOK Healthcare

Jamona Nasrin Peya

Dhamonda, Dhaka, Bangladesh

SEOK Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. has not only guided me and my family during my check up swgery and post operative period but also monitored each and every steps of my treatment like an extended family. Due to their guidance we could save at least 15-20% cost.

I have already refered couple of my friends whose family members are now patient of SHPL. My dance teacher's surgry was faciliated by SHPL.

Begum Momotaj Pahari

Dhaka, Bangladesh

SEOK helped me getting medical visa. They arranged meetings with the doctors. Though I didn’t receive their hotel service but they provide the hotel reservation too. This is the best part of SEOK. They don’t force people to take their service. They give a proper guideline and help to take decisions if one is not willing to take it or not. They even contact and ask the patients if they are doing well.

Maleena Gomez

Dhaka, Bangladesh

I found out about SEOK through a family friend and my mother is also a client of SEOK.

I was kindly advised and also guided with choosing the right doctor for diagnosis and also the whole process. I really appreciate the service and kind help they provided during the check-up, tests and getting the reports on time. It all went smoothly for me.

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