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Medical Consulation

Once you drop an inquiry our medical counselor will contact you to understand your medical condition. Once you have sent your medical reports, we recommend you the best hospital and doctor for your medical condition within your budget. Based on your medical report we provide the opinion of specialist, cost estimate for the treatment, and duration of stay in India.

At SEOK Healthcare Pvt. Ltd., we offer proactive assistance and information regarding arrangements, including medical opinion from various leading hospitals in India. SEOK, has a well qualified in-house research team to study the offers from different hospitals. Analyze and run comparison of data extracted from various hospitals by SEOK internal team, which is significantly helpful for the patients in their decision making.

By a record, a large number of foreign patients have got reasonable and excellent outcomes for treatment like open heart surgery, bypass surgery, liver & kidney transplant, robotic surgery, spine surgery, breast surgery. SEOK Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. has been thoroughly a complete destination due to its high quality and standards.

Other Services

  • Medical Consultation
  • Medical Visa Assistance
  • Air Ambulance
  • Medical Accomidation
  • Patient Support Service
  • Training And Development

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SEOK Health Care Pvt Ltd. is a leading start-up based out of Kolkata in the field of medical tourism.


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